I would like to express and share with you the success NAPDRT had at the Mobile Technician Expo 2016. We at NAPDRT had record number renewals and new member sign ups at the show this year. We covered a wide range of issues, technical in nature. From tools, to estimating, local route technical tips and success stories, we even had an R and I seminar. Board member Mike Wahl was given the PDR Person of the Year award along with the Lifetime Achievement award. Board Member Carl Stuckey was awarded Tool Maker of The Year. Vice President Tim Childers and Board Member Tommy Clayton were awarded Leadership awards from PDR Nation. During the Membership meeting former President and current Board Member Tommy Clayton was given a special plaque for his years of service. We had strong enthusiasm and support from members who expressed great appreciation for working with PDRN in publishing pdr standard practices. Our fellow PDRNation brothers in the PDR community continue to push and encourage Napdrt to move in the right direction and I am grateful for their support and friendship.
The future of NAPDRT is bright, not without bumps and turns though. We must stay vigilant within our core values, valuing above all our members and how they want Napdrt to proceed. We must keep in mind we are an non profit independent technician based organization….we can’t side with one company or one individual. We must look at the PDR Community as a whole. Not just a small section. We have to think about what we do and say now can affect our industry for years to come. I weigh these thoughts heavy on my shoulders. I need as many feet to place these tasks at hand as I can get. We are focused on gathering information and data about metal and what the real outside pricing forces are that oppress our industry.
Know this, I (we) will question who, what, when, how, why. And compile real data that our industry or our members can decide what to do with…. not any small group of select individuals that want to find the bottom of PDR markets. NAPDRT’S very first metal study will show, with real data, the complexity of our skill. I want to see more studies done on metal and hybrid steel and locations of that metal type….that will take volunteers and some effort, but 100% doable. We need to let our members decide about NADPRT membership rate hike as well. We are limited, but extremely frugal with our funds. I want our members to network together and form friendships…and relationships it’s not about bank accounts to me. Real people every day in our industry with kids, families and futures. That’s what we fight for, that’s why we ask questions, that’s why I’m still and independent technician.
What has NAPDRT accomplished?
We have updated our list of accomplishments. You’ll notice eight more have been added to this list. In ten short years a group of PDR techs have accomplished much. The end of last year and the first few months of this year has been very exciting and productive for NAPDRT. We expect this to continue.

1) New Hampshire now has a law making it illegal for an insurance adjuster to deliberately under-estimate a damage claim thanks to testimony from the NAPDRT.
2) We have had board members on the estimation and operation committees of the powerful and influential ASA.
3) We sent a board member to Washington DC to work on the repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act. We were in discussions with Senators and Congressman including former Presidential candidate John McCain.
4) We have had meetings with insurance executives and provided them with unbiased information on the current state of our industry and the value of independent PDR technicians.
5) When New Jersey shut down most PDR companies forcing them to obtain Body Shop Licenses, The NAPDRT traveled to Trenton NJ to plead the case of the PDR industry. The motor vehicle commission reversed their decision making it possible for PDR to continue in New Jersey.
6) Napdrt has been at the forefront of PDR education. For over 10 years we have conducted seminars at the MTE covering a wide range of topics.
7) We have conducted seminars and demonstrations at the largest collision industry trade show NACE.
8) We are currently assisting I-CAR in a PDR job task analysis effort.
9) We have aboard member on I-CAR education committee.
10)We just concluded the first part of the first of its kind aluminum study that included ASA, I-CAR, AUDI/ VW, Collision Week, and Farmers Insurance. The results should be made public middle of next month.
11) When an email circulated from Farmers Insurance we immediately crafted an press release. This release was joined by PDR Nation. With the help of the Body shop Associations SCRS and ASA we distributed this release to the Collision media. Farmers immediately recanted.
12) We joined PDR Nation in developing industry procedure pages.
13) We developed an open communication policy with Farmers insurance to help eliminate a recurrence of last year’s events.
14) We have Board Members currently contributing articles to collision industry publications.
15) We have moved to a more open working relationship with PDR Nation.


By Tommy Clayton