NAPDRT election results are in. They are as follows.
President Mike Wahl
Treasurer Leonard Cicchiello
Board of Directors
3 years Douglas L Brown
3 years Keith Howard Shapiro
3 years Carl Stuckey
2 years Joe Cicchiello
1 year Ron Schwerdt

These Join our present board members of
Vice President Tim Childers
Secretary Tommy Clayton
Board of Directors
1 year left Billy Chipps
1 year left Ricky Bayne
2 years left Tory Jenkins
2 years left Randall L Lockdall

We’d like to thank Ricky Bayne for his years of service as Treasurer. There is no way this organization could have existed without his hard work. He is still on the board but not in the treasurer role. We’d also like to thank Leonard Cicchiello for his leadership the past two years. He also will remain on the board in a new role. We’d also like to thank Chris Dillard for his work and service during the time he was on the Board.