We all have tools we use to work and push dents, we all have our own preferences, we all have our favorites, we all have our one and only.  In this article I’m going to talk about what works for me.  I’m going talk about what’s on my chart and who “I” think has the better tool for a specific job.  Remember, this is all my opinion and what works for me.  If anyone gets offended or any certain tool company gets upset, I’m sorry…..make better tools.

I don’t believe that any one tool company makes the all the best tools. I have come to that conclusion on my own.  I’m going to break them down in sections of order.  For instance, Rods and lights aren’t going to be in the same category.  Some companies make both, some make only lights; some only make lights and stands. Etc…

I am not and will not comment on led lights, I am biased as my older brother and I are making our own led lights and I don’t think it’s fair for me to discuss who’s light is better since I have made my own and understand the critical roll on how these lights are made and I can wire a real led light, not some resister piece of junk.  SO, NO COMMENT.  Although I will say this, I remember when everyone, but ex wiz and wiz, used a bare bulb…..then the shadow… the Led…..Getting closer to the fog guys, yay.  The last part was for all the slow dent guys that made fun of my light for 6 years.  I have to make one last comment, please don’t say, boy I can really see now that I got this led light….So you couldn’t fix a dent for years and now you just admitted it? I asked several of the NAPDRT Board members to list their tools of choice.

Hood Stands

Leonard: What stand do I use?  Well, I have used three different stands.  First stand was the big A-1 monster.  I modified it by putting wheels on the legs.  Second stand was Pro-Pdr solutions.  I still use that stand today and I think it is still the best stand on the market, hands down.  The last stand is a homemade one, like Bill’s stand, from which my older Brother James designed, modified and made.

Tommy: I use a Pro-PDR solutions stand. I also have bolt on ends on two of the uprights.


Leonard: I have A-1 rods on my tool cart and in my tuck right now as we speak and they work fine, but I also have one dentgear six foot rod which I love and use right now also.  I think dent gear has the least flimsy rod on the market.  I think A-1 has great rods too.  Now for the soft tip, I have an ultra-soft tip which I love and I have a dentgear soft tip which is longer and I love that too.  I do not own one Blehm tool.  Not a one.  I think they flex too much, but some people love there “Blehmie” tool.  I do not wish to work harder than I have too.  More give = more work.  Now in saying that, there are times in a hood or ¼ when I want the flex and don’t want a stiff tool and that is where I think the Blehm tools would work best.

Tommy: I have a door ding set and a hail set. My hail set is made up of Dentcraft Rods. My doording set is made up of  Pdr Finnesse rods. I’ll occasionaly switch one or two out between the sets. I have one old Inventure rod I’ll use occasionly.

Door tools

Leonard: I use an old wiz flat bar, Pdr-Finesse adjustable, an ultra-soft tip, two dentgear whale tales, and old A-1 Double bend ball tool.  Other than that I glue pull.

Tommy: I have a PDQ Flat bar . I have the “dumpster” PDR Finnesse  adjustable door tool designed by Ricky Bayne in both sets. My hail set has a combination of Dentcraft and PDR Finnesse Door tools. My doording set is PDR Finnesse ajustables.

Whale tales

Leonard: I use an old ultra wide head 4 inch whale tale, a whole set of dentcraft ultra thins, a whole set of dentgear whale tales.  I use two long regular head dentcraft whale tales also.

Tommy: My whaletails are Dentcraft. I had a PDR Finnesse whaletail that I loved…somebody else liked it too…..

Hand tools

Leonard: All my hand tools are a mix between ultra, dentgear, pdq (going way back), A-1.

Tommy: My hand tools in both sets are a combination of Dentcraft and PDR finnesse with a old PDQ thrown in.


Leonard: I use mostly craftsman hand tools because they are less likely to be stolen and easly replaceable at sears.

Tommy: I have a couple Snap On but usually leave those at home. I have some cheap Kmart hand tools. They don’t tend to walk off. I use the Makita Impact. I also have a set of homemade tools from back in the day before tool companies were around.

Let me state this again I use a wide variety of tools, I just get used to one tool over the other.  I would also like to say that just because I use it doesn’t mean I can’t use or won’t try a new or different tool.  I am an equal opportunity tool user.  I also want to say that sometimes it’s just what you started with and you get comfortable with that tool.  I am not a metallurgist or a tool maker and I have stated some “opinions” as to wich tools I like and use.  Best of luck out there and keep on pushing!